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  • Oct 12 / 2015
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  • Benefits
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  • 1. Recognition

    Members will be listed in the directory included in the FABAG annual publication and the website. The FABAG Annual and website will feature a product and service directory as well as opportunities to advertise, creating even greater visibility.

  • 2. Representation

    FABAG is your collective voice working proactively to pursue the mutual trade interests of members through strong representation before the government. FABAG will regularly present industry needs to regulators officials and will develop common positions on food legislation.

  • 3. Information

    FABAG bulletins and memos will be issued to one segment or another of the Association, providing timely and important information. FABAG will also hosts a web site, offering still more information.

  • 4. Arbitration Service

    FABAG will conduct an arbitration service for the resolution of commercial disputes.

  • 5. Answers

    FABAG will have full-time professional staff that will work on a regular basis with government agencies and will have access to attorneys knowledgeable on key regulatory issues. Members will be encouraged to call the office with questions.

  • 6. Value

    FABAG memberships with company memberships, meaning everyone from your firm can use FABAG’s resources and making the value-to-cost ratio of membership in FABAG exceptional. FABAG will employ the latest technology to ensure its members receive the critical information they need and will strive to keep members abreast of technological developments.

  • 7. Training

    FABAG will organise regular relevant and cutting-edge training programs at subsidized rate to members. FABAG will collaborate with relevant professional bodies to ensure that training provided by FABAG will be recognised by them.

  • 8. Affiliation

    Members of FABAG would benefit from its affiliations with both local and international organisations.

  • 9. Networking

    FABAG will hold an annual convention and meetings throughout the year, providing an exceptional environment to meet and network with industry leaders and peers. The right balance of innovative programs will be presented by industry experts combined with excellent networking social events.